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Unforgettable moments in the celebration of every Quinceañera

In the celebrations of Quinceaneras & Sweet 16, very special moments are usually included, traditionally loaded with a lot of symbolism that every quinceañera dreams of living.

It is important to choose the rituals in which the honoree feels most comfortable, and that best identifies and represents her in this transition from girl to woman.

Below we present the 5 most traditional rituals used in the celebration of fifteen years:

1. Crown or tiara

The crown is an ancient symbol of royalty and places the quinceañera as the princess of the family.

It can be made of flowers, fabric or metal, and with embedded crystals or semi-precious stones.
The mother usually places it on the honoree before going out to the party, or at the entrance to it, in proclamation of the rules that the quinceañera must follow from now on: dignity, honesty, simplicity, courtesy, sincerity, kindness and kindness.

2. Roses and 15 candles

In this ceremony, fifteen chamberlains with 15 roses and fifteen bridesmaids with 15 lit candles await and receive the honoree, who, upon her entrance, extinguishes each candle as a symbol of each year lived, and picks up each rose offered.

The 15 roses received will be delivered to the mother as a symbol of gratitude for the protection, attention, love and care received by her parents during her 15 years of life.

3. Shoes and heels

This ritual is the quintessential transition symbol in the transition from girl to woman, where the closest male figure, father, older brother or some other male relative changes the quinceañera’s slippers for high-heeled shoes, at which time she will be ready. for her first dance as a real young woman.

They are usually specially decorated slippers and in tune with the dress, and they will be a living memory of such a long-awaited celebration, for which they will have a special affection.

4. Ring and medal

Generally, the mother gives them to the quinceañera during the party, after the ritual of the slippers, representing the commitment and purest love of the parents, and as a symbol of unconditional support for the young woman whenever she needs them.

5. The last doll and the bouquet of flowers

It is during the waltz dance where the father gives the honoree his last doll. It is generally made of porcelain and dresses the same as the quinceañera.

It is a very emotional moment that symbolizes the transition from girl to woman.

Once the doll is received, in an act of lively renunciation of her childhood, she gives it to a younger sister or close friend who is about to turn fifteen, and in exchange receives a bouquet of flowers, symbolizing a new path to take full of New interests and responsibilities.

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