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Tips: how to give your best “thank you” quince – sweet16 speech

Toast to the perfect speech! 🎉

Whether it’s a quinceañera or a sweet 16, giving a heartfelt thank you speech can be intimidating. But with these helpful tips, you’ll be able to thank your loved ones with ease and grace.

Forget the Nerves

It is always nerve wracking to give a speech. You have to get up in front of a rather large group of your family and friends and speak. It’s important to prepare even before giving the speech. Make sure to breathe as it will keep you calm and you will speak more effortlessly. Practice makes perfect, so go ahead and write your speech down on note cards and practice it so that you know how well it flows when you have to speak it on the day of your party. Keep your audience in mind when putting together the speech and what will greatly reflect most on your guests.

Thank Your Parents and Guests

Guaranteed, your parents have shelled out money, pulled strings, and asked for the best for their grown-up girl. Make sure to add them into your thank you speech as they have done a lot to make this party happen. Also, be sure to thank all of your guests for showing up, these including your friends and family for attending your special day. They all care about you deeply and should be recognized for being there for you. They are fortunate for being included in your party, and you in turn, should feel proud to be in their presence as well.

Close with a Childhood Memory

It’s a nice sentiment to note how much you’ve been looking forward to this day, and how being a child you would envision this day and how it would look and feel so that your dreams would come true. Does it compare to those daydreams or is it even better than expected? To add some flare, go ahead and add in a little story about you and your parents when you were a child. It could be a lesson from your parents, a trip with your siblings, or even just a memorable or funny moment with your family.

After all of the thanking and fun story telling, close the speech with a nice ‘thank you’ to everyone for coming and to enjoy the rest of the festivities. As it can be a daunting experience to give a speech, especially if you have stage fright, everyone there will be very supportive and appreciative. Deliver the speech with grace and plenty of confidence and everyone will be extremely proud on the day of your quinceañera.

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