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How to plan a quinceañera?

A quinceañera is a party that is celebrated by Mexican and Mexican American people that has great cultural and historical significance. The quinceañera symbolizes the transition from a girl to a woman, and this celebration is the way to introduce this new woman to society. Most of the girls and boys dream of this day, and they always think and remember it as one of the best of their lives. That is why we at Rancho Corona are going to talk about how to plan a quinceañera. From the point of view that we have as event organizers, as well as from a personal experience and the deep love we have for our cultural roots.

If you are the future quinceañera ask for permission, if you are a person who organizes the celebration make sure that the girl wants to have this festivity

If you are the girl who wants to have a quinceañera, you will need to talk to your parents or guardians about your desire for this celebration, try to talk about the idea with as much time as possible. Since this type of event requires some preparation and a certain budget that will be necessary for your special night. If you are a parent or someone else who wants to take charge of the logistics of the event and everything related, you should consult with the girl to ensure that she wants this party, since there are (although few) young people who do not want to have a party Mexican-style quinceañera, and you don’t want the young woman to feel this important day as a burden or commitment instead of the important day that it symbolizes in the lives of most girls.

Have the idea of a provisional budget for this celebration.

Even though this celebration is one of the most important nights in a girl’s life, one does not want to get completely into debt on this day. One can achieve a lot and make this an unforgettable night with a reasonable budget. You can contact us at Rancho Corona, we have options that suit your budget, this way you can create the best memories while also taking care of your personal finances.

Choose a date for the celebration

Most girls want their quinceañera to be celebrated on her birthday or some other day that is close to it. However, you will need to take into consideration some factors that may impact participation on the selected day, such as the season of the year, the end of a school year, vacations, among others.

Quinceañeras are generally celebrated on Saturdays, so young and old alike can celebrate late as long as they want without worrying about school or work the next day. Some event rooms have limited options, which is why you should talk to your parents if you are the future lady or see options if you are the one in charge of the event.

And these were some of the tips we can give to people looking to celebrate this important day in their lives. In conclusion, we have the empirical and cultural experience, the love and pride for our work and the responsibility that our last name is online every time we organize this important event in your life. If you have any questions, or if you are looking to request our services, you can contact us through this page, or even through the other means specified here. Give us the responsibility of organizing your event, we do not see our clients as a simple additional number.

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