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Reasons to celebrate your 15 years

The transition from being a child to an adult is a very important moment in our lives, especially in the life of a woman. This change is a central theme widely represented in numerous films, books, series and documentaries. It is even one of the main topics of conversation among boys and girls around the world.

Every day thousands of people around the world take that step, but there are only a few lucky ones who decide and have the privilege of being able to celebrate and share this moment with family and friends.

Sometimes the 15th birthday celebration has been seen as a traditional event, and although its history goes back many years, the 15th birthday celebration comes to be a symbol of the transition from a girl to a woman.

This does not mean that the change has to take place that same day, but it is true that in most cases 15, understood as the full year in which the girl is 15 years old, represents a turning point, either by physical changes caused by completely natural hormonal changes, or by changes in behavior.

In this sense, at QuinceAñ we bring you the main reasons why it is important to celebrate your 15th birthday:

Studies on adolescence affirm that celebrating 15 years is a very positive activity in families since it promotes family trust and helps that moment of change that is usually called adolescence, reducing the stress caused by change both in quinceañeras and in parents.
On the other hand, the 15th birthday is a celebration and therefore a wonderful opportunity to get together with your loved ones and share special moments such as dances, gifts and other activities.
In the future, you will keep wonderful memories of that day, as well as photos and other items that will help you remember how happy and lucky you are.
That’s why our recommendation is, regardless of whether you want to have a big party or a small party, do it. Celebrate your birthday and give it a special touch. Make your life change a positive moment in your life and above all have fun, have a lot of fun!

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