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What is a Dama in a Quinceanera or Sweet 16?

Dama is a spanish word and it’s english meaning is “a girl or young lady”. The term “dama de honor” o refers to a dama specifically selected to be a part of the quinceañera’s  or sweet16 court. Dama may be a quinceanera’s closest friend, relative, or someone who is very close to the quinceanera and means a lot to her.

Damas is frequently chosen since they have been a part of the quinceanera’s life since she was a young girl.

The damas will be with the birthday girl (quinceanera, sweet 16 ) all over the day and frequently stay with her until all of her other guests’ leaves.  It’s crucial to have your Damas over because the quinceanera is all about creating memories.

The Court of Honor typically consists of 7 or 8 chambelanes and 7 or 8 damas. A dama should make an effort to behave professionally, gracefully, and respectfully throughout the celebration, setting a good example for the Quinceanera and her guests.

The damas of a Quinceanera is suppose to conduct themselves in a royal and ladylike manner throughout the celebrations. While the Quinceanera is the center of attention, her damas are crucial in assisting her and ensuring that she enjoys every moment of her special day.

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