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Ideas for a Quinceanera Party

The celebration of the 15 years is a party of social initiation, inspired by the dances of presentation in society. Turning fifteen has a special relevance in Hispanic countries, and its celebration is a great event in the lives of young girls. 

The quinceanera celebrates the transition from a girl to a woman, and the organization of this celebration usually involves so many details that it could overshadow other more transcendental events in a woman’s life, such as the wedding itself.

A significant amount of economic resources is usually invested. The social factor is extremely important in this type of celebration, either because of the pressure the girl feels to have a party equal to or better than the one her friends have had, or because of the enthusiasm on the part of the parents to offer their daughter the best party.

These events have two well-differentiated spaces: on the one hand, the church, where the thanksgiving mass is celebrated, in the case of girls who want to incorporate a religious connotation into the celebration, and on the other, the space where the party itself takes place.

In some countries, the festivities begin very early with a serenade at the quinceañera’s house, with mariachi bands or a trio, who perform “las mañanitas” and themes such as “passage from girl to woman.” Only the godparents, family and closest friends attend, and in the afternoon the mass is celebrated, and the church is decorated with flowers and a red carpet.

Tips for the best Quinceanera & Sweet 16 party

  •  Preparations should begin well in advance. One year, although it may seem exaggerated, is a prudent period of time to achieve everything on time, and as dreamed of.
  •  It is important to take enough time to visit different options for ballrooms, decorators, photographers, and dressmakers. The ideal is to be accompanied by the closest women, mother, aunt, sisters, or cousins.
  • Event organizing companies are an excellent option to do everything in a more fluid and simple way. They will be able to make this project something very enjoyable, since the pressure of being in all the details is delegated and not losing sight of anything, and with their advice they will give a correct order to the priorities, and the timing of each detail to be coordinated.
  •  It is highly recommended to use a list with the most important points, to follow up and not leave anything on the way.
  • Living room – Decoration – Invitation cards – Personal look – Catering service – Drinks bar – Photography and Video – Music – Shows – Cotillon – Souvenirs
  •  It is usually necessary to book the room well in advance, so it should be one of the first things to define. It is important when choosing it, to take into account the time of year of the party, and depending on the weather, the alternatives for the use of interior and exterior gardens, and swimming pool decoration.
  • The quinceañera look cannot be left to the last minute. Special care and dedication must be taken to become a beautiful princess. The dress is usually in pastel tones, frequently pink, although the most modern and daring dare to use very light tones and glitter.

A very fine and delicate bouquet of flowers will combine perfectly with the dress, and sometimes a small crown that can be made of flowers or a diadem will give a princely touch. It is generally at these parties that girls begin to wear high-heeled shoes.

The hairstyle, the makeup, the accessories such as flowers, tiara, gloves, cape, must be chosen taking care not to overload the set that you want to achieve.

It is advisable to allocate enough time to try different alternatives and see which one best suits and best accompanies the personality of the quinceañera.

It is good to look for different opinions, ideas, dressmakers, designers and beauty professionals, who know how to adjust and exploit the best to show off the young woman, always taking care of her personal taste. Today the use of 2 dresses for the party, or a removable one, is in style to make the moment of dancing with friends a very fun and crazy one.

The quinceañera can wear a dress inspired by the princesses of children’s stories, Greek goddesses or ladies of the court of Louis XV. The bridesmaids wear similar, though less flashy, dresses, and the chamberlains will wear Frac, or formal attire.

The most important points to cover

Photography and video

It is recommended to opt for a good photographic studio specialized in this subject, since they have a series of scenery alluding to the themes that are usually chosen, castles, forests, imperial halls, among many others, in addition to offering a huge range of products that the quinceañera will have as an indelible memory of her party.

With the photographer, a photo book, signature notebook, will be put together, which is used for guests to leave a comment, phrase or dedicatory drawing. A personal video will also be made, and a video clip, generally very funny, where friends can participate, and may also contain comments from friends. It is also possible to create a virtual photo wall where friends and family can enter and leave a message.

The choice of music is very important, opting for a good DJ will be a good investment. Before the event, they will ask the honoree for her favorite songs so that they are not missing at her party. It is convenient to have a list with the favorite themes, ordered by rhythm.


A list with an estimated number of guests will be very suitable to have a first idea, and to define rooms, design invitations, souvenirs, although later it must be refined for delivery and confirmation of attendance.

The invitations must be delivered one month in advance, to ensure that the guests do not schedule another commitment. The design of the same will be the central axis and the chosen theme will be replicated, and will keep harmony in all the details of the party.

For the decoration in general, the colors and theme that have been chosen must be taken into account, and must also keep a certain harmony with the dress, the cake, thus achieving a showy balance.

Details must be taken into account such as centerpieces, flipcharts, guest location signs for tables, or table numbers, floral arrangements, dolls, decorative balloon designs, LED balloons, as well as any decorative element that represents and accompanies the theme. .

The catering service must have a variety of menus that are very attractive for young people, and on the other hand, a suitable menu for adults. As for the cake, cake or cake, it will be elegantly consistent with the chosen theme.

Mobile bar, non-alcoholic
It is something that can be incorporated into the party, and it gives that adult touch that the boys will enjoy a lot. Many times the bartenders offer an attractive show while they are preparing the drinks.

The bar can be illuminated, and although it looks like a place for adults, it will be specially set up for young people. The important thing is that the cocktails are prepared with non-alcoholic drinks.

There is a wide variety of souvenirs to choose from, both the most traditional and many very original ones. They are a beautiful memory that friends and family will take from the celebration.

The big day arrives

For the big day, the best thing for quinceañeras is to try to be calm, take a nap, take a relaxing bath, and start preparing with great enthusiasm and joy, everything will go as desired.

party moments

In many places it is customary for the quinceañera to travel to the party in an antique car, in a pumpkin-shaped float like Cinderella, or in an ornate limousine.

The quinceañera, the parents and godparents will celebrate “the first toast” in glasses specially decorated for such an occasion. It will be the first act in honor of the recipient, with speeches full of tenderness and affection to open the celebration.

Waltz “The Last Doll”
In some countries it is customary for the celebrant to dance the waltz of “the last doll”, and a doll, usually made of porcelain, is given to the quinceañera by her father’s hands, when dancing the waltz, as a symbol of the last toy that she will receive as little girl.

In other countries the waltz chosen by the honoree is danced, starting with the father, then the godfather, and family and friends will continue, beginning the dance.

It is also customary that the first fifteen men who dance with the party give her a rose, which represents each of the years celebrated.

The celebrated in the company of a group of friends, and friends, execute a dance choreography, which can be of any rhythm, which they have rehearsed for months, generally instructed by a professional choreographer. Some companies dedicated to setting up dance choreographies offer the service of professional dancers specialized in this type of event.

15 candles
A very emotional part of the party is the 15 candle ceremony, where 15 candles are given to the 15 most important people in the honoree’s life. One by one he will give them a few words, and together they will light the candles. After having them all turned on, they turn off together with the family.

The ribbons are something that cannot be missing at a quinceanera party. They are placed in a container with rose petals, or candies, each ribbon has a pendant and in one of them there is a beautiful ring. The girls will be very excited to win the ring.

To celebrate in the best style of carioca carnival, you should plan a good cotillion, very colorful, with masks, masks, hats, flower necklaces, maracas, rattles, whistles, trumpets, streamers and colored foam. They will be the perfect complements to accompany the entrance of a batucada group.

The shows are a very fun alternative, usually dance groups are hired that have an armed choreography and then they take all the guests out to dance. You can also hire magicians, illusionists, or musicians.

The fireworks are a classic in these celebrations, as well as launching cantoya balloons, to wish the best wishes to the young lady, in an incomparable climate that these balloons give to the commemorations. The weather and site conditions must, however, be adequate.

Until sunrise
In many countries it is customary for these celebrations to reach dawn. A breakfast or lunch will be planned. The idea is to share more time especially with family and friends who come from other locations, before they have to leave for their places of residence.


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