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Table of Sweets for XV Years

Are you preparing your XV years party? Then you can’t miss this post, where we show you the best ideas for candy tables, desserts, and candies that you must have at your 15-year-old party to surprise your guests.


Dessert Table Decoration

In the fifteen-year-olds, the candy tables have acquired great prominence. It is recommended that they be large tables, located in a central and easily accessible place.

The tables can be decorated with lace fabrics or tulle details. It is also recommended to place glass containers, which provide elegance to the table, as well as flowers, a symbol of femininity.

The colors and designs used on the dessert table should be consistent with the decoration and theme of the party, although the most common are white, gold, silver, pink, lavender and black.

Sweet 15  Recipes

Among the most recommended desserts for fifteen-year-olds we find alfajores, cotton candy, chocolates, chocolate skewers, brownies, cake pops, candies, chocolates, fruit cocktails, cupcakes and mini cupcakes, gummies, truffles, marshmallows, mini desserts, muffins, popsicles and the quinceanera cake.



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