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Quinceañera invitations Are you planning your BIG DAY?

One of the most important things in your planning is the quinceañera invitations without these how will your guests know they are invited.


Your fifteenth or sixteenth birthday party is one of the most important first events of your life, so no detail should be left to chance. Create a specific and detailed organization list so that everything works out for you. One of the most important things in your party are the guests and the invitations for them

Who should I invite to my party? How to make the guest list of my fifteen years? How many people can I invite?

These are some of the questions that cause the most stress, don’t worry, we’ll guide you on how to decipher them and advise you. Making the guest list for your big day doesn’t have to be a headache, let’s start, you’re not alone.

The first and most necessary thing is to know what budget you will depend on and with this you will know how many people you can invite and depending on the number of guests you will be able to see the options of where to have your party, whether it is a lounge, outdoors or in a disco, find a place in our directory click here.

Your budget list The most important line and one of the most expensive factors is the guest list.


Do not worry, make a list of godparents with whom you can count on when holding your party.

The godparents can help you alleviate the financial burden, they will be your sponsors and they will get something special on the day of your party, such as privileged greetings, they will receive a rose at the ceremony, special quinceanera invitations, featured and reserved seats among many other things that you can choose to offer you in exchange for your help.

Your sponsors (godparents) will be able to help you in very specific aspects such as the dress, the shoes, the cake, the room, the invitations. Also do not hesitate to ask for support for the coordination of your party and this will be of great help for your dream party.


Let’s get to the point who should be with you on your big day and who you should ignore on your list.

Close relatives parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, cousins, godparents, boyfriend or girlfriend
Friends and friends “best friends”
Schoolmates who have invited you to a family event
Acquaintances, neighbors, teachers, friends of your parents important to you. (Tip for parents: the party belongs to the quinceañera, the final vote and the decision is up to her.)


I recommend making a list according to the importance of the people in your life, so the best thing to do is to have a notebook to write them down and then an official list to send them quinceañera invitations.

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To make sure they will attend your party, open your circle of closeness. The average number of people who cannot show up is 15% to 20%. So make sure your guests attend.

It is preferable not to invite children and if you have a family member who has no one to leave their children with, it is preferable not to take them into account and make it clear that children will not be allowed at the party on your big day.


When did you send out the quinceañera invitations?

Invitations must be sent at least 5 months to 2 months before your party and RSVP two three months before

The invitations must be sent in order of proximity to the venue of the event, the further away the guest is, if he lives in another state or another country, it is the guests who will have priority to send the invitation earlier.

¿Como hacer invitaciones para mi fiesta de quinceaños?

Making invitation cards today is very easy, you can choose to buy them locally from one of our collaborators, buy them online, make them by hand or use a free online tool such as canvas and have them printed or buy special paper and print the cards. invitations for xv in your house. You can also choose to create quinceañera invitations that later serve as a reminder of your quinceañera.


What should quinceañera invitations include?

  • The most important points that your modern quinceañera cards should include are:
  • To whom is the invitation addressed?
    Your name and if you want last name
    event date
    Place of the event
    assigned table
    Confirm assistance


Another detail that you must include in the invitation is the way of clothing, they must include the etiquette rules that the party will be, they can be: luxury, elegant, formal, semi-formal, casual, cocktail, or themed. You must take into account for the type of wardrobe the place and time of the party, a tuxedo outdoors at noon is surely not a good idea.

Specify the form of gift you want to receive, either cash gifts or that each of the guests bring you a present at their discretion (not recommended).
It is ideal for each guest to bring her invitations to record that she is invited.

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