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What Godparents are needed for xv years?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and the answer is that you can have many godparents. Ideally, you only choose a couple as godparents for fifteen years, they will be godparents at the ceremony and if there is no ceremony, they would be the godparents. of your xv years in general.

These godparents are the ones who usually accompany you in the toast of your xv years, in the waltz and they also usually speak into the microphone wishing you the best in your xv years.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the question, you can have too many 15-year-old godparents, that is why here we leave you some ideas of fifteen-year-old godparents that you can have.

List of godparents for your Quinceanera

  • Dress
  • Decoration
  • Music
  • Cake
  • Godparents of the invitations of xv years
  • Photography and video sponsors
  • Godfather of vigil
  • Medal or ring godparents
  • Cushion
  • Toast
  • Suvenirs

Once you know more about the godparents for xv years, here we are going to give you a complete list of godparents that you can have for your xv years party, remember that you choose how many godparents you want to have and who to invite to be your godfather. fifteen years.

1- Dress
What the godfather of the dress is going to take care of is helping you with the choice and with the purchase of the dress for your xv years party, you can support with the entire amount for the dress or a fraction of it.

2- Sponsors of decoration
As the name says, this godfather is going to be in charge of the decoration, he can help you propose decoration ideas or simply financial support, here you could take into account the centerpieces, the flowers, the decoration of balloons, the candles and even the decoration of the church.

3- Godfathers of music
They are in charge of supporting the music of the xv years, be it a dj or a music group.

4- Cake groomsmen
The godfather of the cake is the godfather who is going to help you buy the cake, the quinceañera is the one who usually chooses what cake she wants but if you like you can also involve him in the decision.

5- Godparents of the invitations of xv years
This is one of the godparents who will help the most financially since he is the one who is going to buy the invitations for your party, that is why we recommend that this godfather be one of the people you trust the most to that can support you with that expense.

6- Photography and video sponsors
Like the sponsor of the invitations, this sponsor is also going to be one of the sponsors who will spend the most since photography and video is one of the most expensive services of the xv years.

7- Godfather of vigil
The godparents of the wake are in charge of paying for the mass, these godparents are also known as the godparents of honor, so these godparents are the ones who usually come in the invitation of xv years and are very important people for the quinceañera. These godparents are the ones who accompany the quinceañera in front of the mass just like the parents.

8- Godparents of medal or ring
These godparents are the ones who give the ring or a medal engraved with the date of fifteen years. It is extremely important that these godparents attend mass since a tradition of the ring or medal is that it be blessed by the father either before or after mass.The godparents of the cushion are in charge of buying the cushion that you are going to use during the mass, for which it is of the utmost importance that they attend your fifteenth birthday mass.

10- Godparents of toasts

These godparents are in charge of buying the glasses for the toast and, if they want, they can also support you with the cost of the cider or wine that they are going to drink in the toast.

It is very important to take into account for the toast the glasses for the family of the quinceañera, the godparents and the chamberlains because they are the people who will be in the center of the dance floor at the time of the toast.

11- Godfather of memories
This godfather is the one who is going to be in charge of buying the traditional souvenirs or even a photo booth.

This is an example of a list of godparents for xv years, remember that you can add or remove the godparents that you want, you are the queen of the party and you choose your godparents for xv years.

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