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Candy bar for your Quinceanera with the most used candies and their decoration.

Impress all your guests with a beautiful Candy bar for quinceañeras with the best sweets that will highlight the decoration of your quinceañera party

Candy bars for fifteen years have so much meaning, the symbolism of your party is made with the sweets that highlight the decoration of the party. Quinceañeras are truly princesses and have great power to set the tone and memory of your big day.

Your quinceanera celebration should be the perfect combination of passion, love, and comfort, and that’s where the sweet taste comes in. Quinceañeras represent young women celebrating their 15th birthday and the new era of femininity. Quinceañeras are a special moment where the young woman celebrates her gender identity, her sexuality and her faith.

Why have a Candy bar for your Party day?

A quinceañera party is a special occasion in the life of a quinceañera. To celebrate this day, the best sweets are a perfect option. That is why the best candy brands are working for the best Candy bars for fifteen years. These bars are exclusive to celebrate the day with a touch of sweetness for your guests.


Among the best Candy bars for fifteen years, the following stand out:

Candy bar de chocolate 

Candy bar de confite

Mixed candy bars


How to design your chocolate bar



First of all, decorate your background with pink and white edible glitter stars on top with your guests’ dress as decorations, and then layer them with white balloons.
Second, Color the candy bars using the holiday chocolate coloring with the cotton candy pink. Lastly, make your chocolate bar and decorate it with edible strips.
Third, Decorate the red box with edible tape and add the edible tape. Make an edible greeting card to invite your friends over, and once they’re inside the party, take them to the candy bar.
Fourth, go crazy and add a birthday cake and a milk shake to celebrate your quinceanera.
Fifth, Add colored balloons to close the sweet surprise chocolate bar for the quinceañeras.
We have for you the impression of your quinceanera candy bar wrappers for all your candies, water bottles, chocolates, any format of printing labels and wrappers for quinceaneras

How to set up your chocolate bar
1. First take a trip to the candy store and buy a candy bar.

2. Scoop up the chocolate glaze.

3. Choose Frosting Colors

4. Spread the chocolate glaze as decoration

5. Now place the candy bars as the background.

6. Take a single sheet of fondant icing.

7. Arrange the candy bars around the fondant in whatever patterns you like

8. Cut out fondant and icing and place on top of fondant

9. Take some edible glue

10. Lay the fondant candy bars on top of the fondant and icing

11. Decorate with a little icing sugar to look like flowers and branches

12. Serve them in bowls and glass containers so that the decoration can be appreciated.


Bar Credit:  @r_xocoevents

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