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Quinceañeras: Tips for Church Decoration

It is common to celebrate the Quinceanera or Sweet16  with a Mass of thanksgiving, where blessings are received and all the good things that the quinceañera has obtained until that moment are appreciated. The church should be decorated to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for all attendees.

Here are some tips.

Before deciding how to decorate the church, you need to talk to the pastor to ask him some questions about the availability of the church, the day and time when the ceremony will take place or if you are free to decorate to your liking. This is important because perhaps there are some things that for security measures it is not convenient to place.

The most common way to decorate is to place large and dense bouquets of flowers, either at the entrance and on the main altar. That option is good and meets the requirements of a traditional decoration.

To start, show off with some fine and delicate ornaments, for example, at the entrance place an arch of balloons in pastel tone or if you prefer put two columns of balloons mixed with colorful flowers. If possible, place the same on the main altar so that there is a harmony in all the decoration.


If you want to decorate the pews of the church in a very simple, original and elegant way, you will love this idea, place on the floor, right next to the bench vases or cylindrical vases with aquatic flowers inside, whose bases are joined by a thin veil of tulle. It’s a dream!

Another tip to decorate in an economical and simple way is to place pots hanging on the benches with colorful flowers that you can buy wholesale in the market. In many stores you can find flirtatious tin or galvanized planters. The important thing about this decoration is that you must achieve a gradient of colors with the flowers that go along the corridor, from a bright pink, then lilac and ending in white. It’s really gorgeous and gives it a phenomenal vintage touch!

On the other hand, if you want to decorate the walk from church benches to the altar, you can use tulle. Be careful, because in excess your decoration can look overloaded and out of tune, so we advise you to be elegant and restrained. To complete the ornament, small bouquets of red roses with petals loose on the tulle and on the floor will be subtle and beautiful.

Finally, if you wish, better put together some hanging flower arrangements. Grab them from the benches, and you’re done. It will look very original. Or also, locate transparent cylinders and introduce candles with aromatic oils, light them and let the aroma envelop them all The final touch is given by the path of petals to the altar. Elegant, sophisticated and simply wonderful.


If your Mass of thanksgiving will be celebrated in a Gothic-style church you have a great challenge to decorate it, since they are usually quite large and above all, high. Try huge vases, as well as large flowers that make up a gigantic pompom. Remember that if the church is large any small and simple floral arrangement would go unnoticed.

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