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15 Must-Haves For A Quinceañera In The Big Apple

New York is cosmopolitan, unique and spectacular, it is one of the cities with the largest population in the United States. and in recent years it has become the most important economic and cultural capital in the world. New York offers a unique atmosphere and lifestyle that must be felt and experienced.

  1. Visit its Museums. You will find some of the most important museums and art galleries in the world. At Quinceaneras New York Magazine  we take you to the funniest Madame Tussauds, with more than 200 figures, it is considered one of the best wax museums in the world. And the Museum of Natural History in New York offers us a review of the history of the Earth and man, it is one of the largest in the world and where many Hollywood movies have been recorded
  2. Walk through Central Park. Getting to know the largest urban park in the world is a mandatory stop. It is even bigger than countries like Monaco and the Vatican. Enjoy its vegetation and spectacular views. Walk where John Lennon loved to walk and visit his Strawberry Fields memorial, made in his honor.
  3.  Attend a Broadway Play. New York concentrates one of the largest cultural offerings in the world. Almost 40 theaters offer the best plays and musicals of the moment. At XV Sky we take you to Frozen, the latest musical recently released in February and the latest on Broadway. It’s a Disney mega production made with twice as many songs as the original movie.
  4. Go up to the Empire State Observatory. Considered by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of the Seven Wonders of the modern world. You will be able to observe from the 86th floor, the best 360 degree views of New York City and its skyscrapers.
  5. Walk through Times Square. This area has become a global icon and a symbol of New York City, which is characterized by its animation and illuminated advertising in every corner.
  6.  Get on a rolling theater on The Ride. An interactive entertainment experience where the streets of NYC are the main stage and on board a bus with theater-style seats with floor-to-ceiling windows, you will live an incredible adventure.
  7. Visit the Statue of Liberty and take a ferry ride. Relax on a boat ride along the Hudson River and enjoy incredible views of Manhattan as you cruise to Liberty Island where you’ll appreciate the Statue of Liberty. that rises in front of the port.
  8. Shop on Fifth Avenue. Perfect shopping in one of the main arteries of downtown Manhattan, Full of luxury boutiques and stores accessible to all budgets, Fifth Avenue is a symbol of New York’s economic boom. In addition, there is the flagship store and the largest in all of Latin America: Macys Herald Square.
  9. Get to know Rockefeller Center. Skate, walk and eat in this complex full of restaurants, luxury shops and theaters, it is a tourist destination on its own and Declared a National Historic Landmark.
  10. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

    You will learn why this bridge is a symbol of the city of New York, which also marked history by using steel for the first time in this type of construction and for being the longest suspension bridge in the world for 20 years.

  11. Dine at the Stardust Dinner. Have fun in a diner set in the 50s where the waiters sing Broadway-style and many of them have been discovered to act in New York plays.
  12. Take a Picture in DUMBO. Walk and take your souvenir photo in DUMBO, a New York borough located on the banks of the East River. In recent years it has become very fashionable, especially among artists, and it has been filled with reconstructed buildings and art galleries, now creating an area that many call New Soho.
  13. Eat dessert at Carlos Bakery. Get to know the delicious Canolis from the Carlso Bakery, originally from this state and who rose to fame thanks to the TV show Cake Boss.
  14. Visit Wall Street. You will take a photo of the souvenir with the famous Wall Street Bull, a sculpture created by Arturo Di Modica located in Bowling Green Park. It represents a symbol of strength and power. Di Modica spent all of his savings, $300,000, to create and position the bull after the 1987 stock market crash.
  15. Get to know the LOVE and HOPE Sculptures. ‘Love’ and ‘Hope’ are two of the most famous sculptures in New York. The red letters of the American artist Robert Indiana are an unmistakable symbol of pop art.

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