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Why Hiring an Event Planner is No Longer a Luxury!

For 20 years, Jose  has been an Event Planner and Floral Designer. His vast knowledge and experience has made him a household name in New York. Although his forte is Quinceaneras – Sweet16 & Weddings, he has also coordinated Quinceañeras, anniversaries, baptisms, birthday parties, office parties, corporate events, dinner parties and city events. You name it, he’s done it! The highlight of Jose ’s career was in 2009 when he help  coordinated Bill Clinton’scocktail reception in New Yor for Hilary’s presidential campaign.

One month after the fundraiser, he received a note from former President Clinton’spersonal assistant praising him on a job well done. Mr. Clinton was so impressed with Jose’s work that he wanted the food and flowers replicated in Washington. According to Jose, New York’s Quinces & Sweet16  and event industry is evolving. He explains that Families  today are more open to the idea of hiring a Quince Planner for their special day.

More importantly, Jose notes, “Event Planners are no longer seen as a luxury, but a necessity.”

So why do you need a Wedding Planner?

Victor highlights 5 major reasons you should hire him for your big day.

1. Expertise & Logistics – With over 20 years of experience, Jose knows the ins and outs of how to plan your Quinceanera. From setting up a
timeline and finding vendors to working within your budget and customizing a theme that reflects your personality, Jose is proficient.

2. Well Connected – Knowing the vendors plays a major role in how well your big day will turn out. Jose has built many relationships with
Event vendors throughout his career, so he knows who’s the best.

3. Save Money – Contrary to popular belief, hiring a Event Planner actually saves you money in the long run. Without giving away all his secrets, let’s say that he knows how to get a deal, which goes back to being well connect. 😉

4. Less Stress – Hiring a Event Planner is usually motivated by a bride’s desire for someone else to relieve the stress of planning their big day. And rightfully so! Jose is very easy to work with and will save you loads of time and stress.

He is your wedding matchmaker of sorts.

5. Set Up and Clean Up – It is also the job of a Wedding Planner to work with the rental company (or venue providing the tables and chairs) so you don’t have to. The day of your wedding should be relaxing and worry free, but often things do not go as planned. A Event Planner is there to fix the problem and make sure everything goes smoothly. This includes working to set up and clean up.

Planning a Quinces , even on a small scale, can be quite an undertaking. As Jose xplains, he is there to “provide the client with an awesome experience, and create an atmosphere that helps the client become a good host.” This should be your only job the day of your Quinceanera or Sweet16 — look beautiful, play host, and have a blast!
When you invest so much time and money so that your big day is a success, it seems that hiring a Event Planner just makes sense

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