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Quinceanera speech from Dad

Quinceanera Toast

May I have everyone’s attention please? As Gabriela’s father, I would like to propose a toast to my little girl, who I cannot believe has reached this momentous occasion in the blink of an eye.

  • Thanks everyone for coming and sharing this important day with us
  • Thanks to padrinos, and people who helped us preparing the party

Gabriela, you are the light of my life, and the stars in my sky. And today, you are becoming a woman.

Now, I know that you don’t want me to embarrass you in front of all your friends, but I would like to say one thing in front of all the people here.

When Gabriela was a little girl, I’m sure we all remember how much she wanted to be a princess. We watched so many Disney movies with my little Gabriela. I have proudly seen The Little Mermaid over 1000 times.

And although you have grown out of your Disney princess phase, I hope that this party we have given you will remind you always that you are and always have been a princess to us.

But being a princess isn’t just about the gown and the party. You are an adult now, Gabriela, and you must learn to treat yourself like a princess. You must ask every boy you meet to be no less than a prince to you, and you must work to retain your sweetness even in the darkest of surroundings. That, I think, is what being a princess is all about.

So my wish to you, Louise, is that you may be a princess all your days.

I hope that your beautiful tiara and beautiful dress will remind you forever that you are the center of your own universe.

Lets have party!!!

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