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To avoid possible upsets or bad moments during the party, Unforgettable 15 brings you very simple and practical tips that will make your event memorable. 

1) Arrive late to the party (more than 40 min)
It is important to keep in mind that people will be waiting for you, although during the reception there is usually food and entertainment, the guests came to see the birthday girl and it ends up being very impolite to make them wait for a long time.

2) Not distributing the guests well
The guests like to have both at the table and around them people they know or with whom they have things in common, if they are not distributed well it is very likely that they will not feel comfortable for a large part of the party and that in the end don’t enjoy the event.

There are two very effective ways to distribute them, by age (adult/youth) and by relationship (family/friend). If the dimensions of the party room allow it, you could create sectors for each group in this way both will have their own atmosphere.

3) Allow alcohol in excess
By allowing the guests to drink excessively, there is a risk that the party will have a very bad way, one or several people without control can ruin the entire party of 15 or leave a bad memory of it. Generally, the waiters and the catering service, as part of their regulations, control that there are no guests drinking too much, but it never hurts to ask them to do so, even stressing that they do not allow minors to drink alcoholic beverages.
If you are thinking of hiring a bartender or beverage service, also ask about the drinks and non-alcoholic beverages they prepare.

4) Choose a close relative as a photographer or DJ
Many of us have a relative who is dedicated to some area related to the party and it is very common for them to want to contribute their talent. Although it is a very nice gesture, it can end up being detrimental since being a party guest is not the same as working at a party.

No 15-year-old girl is going to like that half of the night is not in the photos or video because the photographer was chatting with friends, nor will she feel comfortable berating a relative if the dress they made for her is not how she wanted it. or the band of music is very boring.

It is necessary to evaluate each case and see if it is convenient or not for a relative to participate in the development of the party, communication is essential, make it clear what is wanted and if that person will be able to do it, perhaps that relative has partners, assistants or colleagues who can do it for you.

5) Protest or argue

This is the most important piece of advice: One can prevent, but some problem will always escape. Under no circumstances waste time and get bitter with everything that happens during the party, nobody would like to see the birthday girl arguing or reproaching for everything, for that the closest relatives and the organizers of the party will be discreetly in charge.

If you have any inconvenience or something you don’t like, try not to make an unnecessary scene, simply ask to speak to the person who can solve it separately and tell them about it.

6) Perform the waltz tanda without a list

The general order of the waltz is father, grandparents, uncles and godparents, siblings and close adult relatives, cousins, friends, and young children. Carrying out a waltz round without a list in which the announcer can call people by name always leads to the same result: the fifteen-year-old in the center of the dance floor alone and everyone around them not daring to ask her to dance.
Check that no one is missing from the list and make sure there is someone at the entertainer’s side to help them with names and know who is the next person to call.

7) Do not use varied music

We all have a defined musical taste, but this does not imply that all the guests have the same taste. That is why for everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy the music must be varied. Talk to the DJ at the party and tell him what type of guests will be attending (the age range and knowing what they might like is very helpful for a professional DJ).

8) Sitting at the table to eat
It is very common for the 15-year-old girl to sit at the main table to eat during all the dishes and wait for the guests to come by to greet her, the latter often does not happen and several of the guests at the end of the party feel that they barely saw to the birthday girl

Between one batch and another, before or after eating, try to stop by the tables to thank everyone for coming, this is always seen as a nice gesture of thanks and remember not to forget any table or someone might get offended (sometimes it’s better start by greeting the family tables and then those of friends because surely the last ones you will want to sit down and talk for a longer time).

9) Make very long videos and clips
There’s a reason photographers allow a limited number of photos for the 15-piece video clip, and that’s because they know that too many photos or too much video time will bore guests.

Talk to him so you can organize something original and entertaining that you both agree on.

10) Too many shows or too many dance batches
The party has to have a balance, you cannot have an excess of everything, many rounds of dancing will tire the guests and will not allow them time to socialize or chat. Too many shows will make the guests feel in the background, especially if they are not participatory.

It is better that the show or shows you choose are participatory and are related to the dance group that is next in the party itinerary (if it is a salsa show, that a salsa dance group begins after the show) .

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