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Father’s speech towards his QUINCEAÑERA daughter

Good evening to all of you present here, it is an honor and a pleasure for me and my family to have each of you on this very special night for my daughter.

. I thank God for having had the opportunity to see you grow and see you now become a beautiful lady, in the light of my eyes.

I appreciate that you are so special and that you are the best daughter in the world. Never change your way of being, and keep lighting up our lives.

She is an intelligent, cheerful, enthusiastic girl, a good sister, friend and, above all, loving to her entire family.

I am proud to have a daughter like her. I wish, my beloved daughter, that everything in life turns out to be good for you, that you achieve all your goals and that your dreams come true because you deserve it.
We love you and we wish you a happy birthday my daughter.

Thank you all very much for your attendance, I hope you have fun and let’s all enjoy this party prepared with a lot of love.

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