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Traditional photography for quinceañeras

The Photos of your Quinces or Sweet16 party is one of the important elements of the celebration, because it will allow you to have fresh memories of everything that happened. That’s why the photography mode you select should be the most successful for you. Here we will show you the traditional style so you have an idea of how it is made and poses like a princess.


In the early days of photography the camera was a large artifact almost impossible to transport from one place to another, so if someone wanted to take a picture, they went to a studio. The process of taking the photo was complicated, people posed for a while to make sure that the images would come out clear and of good quality. So at first the photos of 15 years were basically one or two portraits of the quinceañera with her elegant dress, bouquet and accessories.


After the camera evolved and could be transported, photographs began to be taken in a very similar way to what we know today. Spaces were coordinated for the quinceañera to pose before the celebration and the key moments of the party were photographed. As for example in his triumphal entrance to the room, in the change of the slippers, making delivery of the doll, during the waltz, reunited with his parents and other relatives and friends.

Today we have the advantage that cameras and lighting equipment are much more portable, therefore there are endless possibilities as to where you can pose and what kind of photographs can be taken.

You should tell the photographer that you want a traditional style so that together they decide the list of important photos and the most convenient poses. With the list of photographs already established, the photographer can focus on creating images with high aesthetic and creative sense, especially for your 15.

If your photographer follows the traditional style, he will take care that both the backdrop, the light, the poses and every detail look perfect. For this, you will probably have one or two assistants to help you load and assemble the lighting equipment and direct the poses of the quinceañera, family members and guests.

As you will be following a list of important photos from the celebration of your 15 years, you will have to follow a fairly specific program of activities and coordinate the photo sessions within it.

Your photographer is tasked with recording all the details, so he will make an active participation directing the events of the day. As a result you will have really well achieved captures covering everything that had been stipulated, and if all goes well, there will be no surprises in your 15-year-old album.

You must get along very well with your photographer, remember that he will be recording all the events and will be the aesthetic and photographic director of your event.

Make sure that all the photos you want are taken by the photographer, for this stick to the list.

As these are posed photos, you can be sure that you and all those photographed will look their best, in beautiful and well-lit environments.

Photo credits:  Quinceaneras New York Photo & Video

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