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Quinceañeras: Brighten Your Look with These Amazing Makeup Techniques

It is a fact that applying foundation, blush and lipstick is important to enhance your best features, however, it is eye makeup that is responsible for giving greater notoriety to one of the main weapons of beauty of every girl: her look. Learn how to do it in the next post and be the main protagonist in your 15 years celebration

Something fundamental that you should take into account before starting with makeup is to pluck and shade your eyebrows. Paint them preferably with shade so that it is uniform, because being the frame of the face, it helps to give them greater notoriety that you need for your party of 15.


They are super useful beauty tools because these wonderful creations help to show off populated eyelashes, causing greater impact on your celebration of fifteen years. Be sure to place them before applying any type of cosmetic because if you do it later, the glue can ruin the finish of bases, shadows or outline.

Apply three drops of concealer under each eye, wait for it to dry and carefully blend with a makeup sponge or using your ring finger from one end to the other – starting inside – until it disappears. This is critical to achieving a beautiful, longer-lasting finish!

One of the most used modalities is the rainbow effect; which consists of applying three different colors on the mobile eyelid, starting inside it and then blurring to the right. Following the same technique, the second tone is added from the previous shadow. Do the same with the third nuance, continue on the bottom line of the lashes and voila!

Another technique is called smokey eyes. Apply a pastel shade to the movable eyelid, then a darker color such as black or brown from the end in a lateral V-shape, faded towards the center and finally, include a bright hue such as gold or silver on the base initially added. Complement by outlining both lines of the tabs.

This trick is commonly used by great makeup artists; It is about adding a clear or luminous shadow either white or satin, in the area that is just below the eyebrow, also known as arch or bone and a little more, in the inner corner

If your eyelashes are populated enough not to require false makeup, at the end of makeup use a curling iron to lengthen the strands Any advice? Heat it with a dryer for a few seconds to achieve a better effect. Then, apply the mascara from bottom to top and zigzag to avoid the appearance of lumps, wait for it to dry and repeat. It will give depth to your look!


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