To say Coronavirus has brought normal life to a halt is an understatement, more so for our to-be Quinceaneras * Sweet 16 or Couples ! And just when we thought that life is slowly resuming back to a ‘safer‘ normal, we got hit with the second wave of the pandemic.

Considering how stress-ridden this phase is, we urged our Birthday Girls-to-be to postpone their events to the latter half of 2021.

Keeping the ‘safety first’ motto in mind, it’s time to downsize the guestlist and #EventSafe.  Read on to know important details to plan a safe event –


What is eventsafe?

In an initiative to address the customer needs, Quinceaneras App launched a  Hygiene program – ‘Event Safe’ in 2020, a unique way for our vendors to showcase the safety standards and preparedness they have in place for the tough times.

The guidelines and procedures are in accordance with the WHO guidebook and various other health organizations worldwide. It includes stringent recurring audits to maintain quality standards. All eligible vendors were given a SafeEvent badge on their profile, for you to identify them easily.

These initiatives vary across categories and the measurable initiatives taken by the vendors are showcased on their profile.

How to find safety compliant vendors?

I am not sure about the capacity? Can I still book vendors?

Do keep a regular check on the latest government COVID events guidelines for 2023. It ought to be a downsized guestlist (<250 people) till the situation gets better.

Start by making a list of vendors that you’d want to book, to help in planning your dream event! Eventually indulge in a conversation to check if their price quote fits your budget. This way you would be ready with the major groundwork, and book the same as soon as you lock the new wedding date.